Christmas 2011 travel blog

William wasn't wrong, apparently he never is...

We had a 5 am start for our journey to the largest Mayan site in Central America.

We journied through the park as the sky lightened.

As we left the van David, a local guide and expert of Tikal, told us it is approximately 16 square kilometers with about 20% of it having been excavated, however that is more than some of the ruins and sites to be found here in the area.

We trekked to some of the celebratory sites as he explained the theory behind these identical areas throughout the site - they were constructed to celebrate the end of 20 year cycles and to honour the gods.

More trekking lead us to Temple IV, where with the help of a wooden stairs, lead us to the chapel level and our morning breakfast.(we brought it with us)

We waited as sun, fog and the gods revealed the ancient mystical temples I, II and III.

Well worth the early morning start(with only 1 coffee for motivation)

We visited the rest of the site with more and more of this ancient civilization being revealed to us along the way.

David was a font of knowledge helping us all understand better how our present is so much dependent on the past.

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