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This is what a pistachio tree in fruit looks like. There are...

Close up of thepistachios.

Chicken wire protecting my garden from the green hungry birds. They especially...

It had been a busy, but restful week here – if you can have both at the same time. We have been working on sorting, throwing and giving away “stuff” as well as cleaning and staging the little RV. But we have taken time to go out to lunch, watch the sunsets, admire our hummers and just kick back and enjoy the wonderful weather here.

Tuesday, we had our regular luncheon with the SKPs at the KOFA Café. Jim and Carmalita are back from Oregon and we had a great visit.

Then we went up the mountain to Salome to get some veggies. The regular veggie man wasn’t there but the one at the Beauty Shop was, so we picked up some tomatoes, celery, onions and bananas. We also stopped at the library to see if they had an up-to-date NADA book. But they didn’t. So I made arrangements for my volunteer day to be Wednesday this year. That will get me off my butt one more day per week.

Wednesday we headed out to Parker bright and early. I had two and a half bags of clothes and “stuff” to get to the hospital guild. We also stopped at the Ford dealer to see about a Ranger for a tow vehicle.

Then it was off the Safeway for groceries. I really like that store. The prices are good, the meat is fresh and the people are fantastic. We loaded up on soda pop as they had some great sales. I also got a small turkey for 39 cents per pound. We will eat on that for a week.

In the afternoon I headed to the library. I think it took me about 20 minutes to put the books away. She didn’t have anything else for me to do – so I came home. Almost a wasted trip for all the gas I burned.

On the way to the library, I went thru the pistachio groves. It looks like the will be having a bumper crop this year. They were plowing and dragging in between the trees to make a nice bed for the nuts to fall. I did stop and get some pictures this time.

This morning, I forgot to update this page as we were trying to get some outside work done before it got hot and the sun came out.

We bought some chicken wire at the hardware store in Parker so we fastened it up over my garden. The birds have been eating my lettuce and spinach seedlings as fast as they come up. I’m hoping this will keep them off. I left the “un-garden” end loose so I can still bury my veggie scraps there. We’ll see how it goes.

While I was working on the last part of the garden wire, Ron got the TV antenna put back up on the big RV. We had taken it off to protect it from the winds during the summer.

Well, that all from this corner of the world. Hope all is good with you. See you Sunday.

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