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Mileage sign at train , 91 miles south of Vegas

Somewhere in the desert - perhaps at the RR crossing

And the road continues

Colorado river near campground

Stopped at train crossing. Nice day actually

Looking over campground to mountains in backround

This is on the off-ramp leading to Hwy 95, south of Las...

The long, long road ahead. Beginning of Hwy 95 in Nevada.

One long train! Nice day though.

Just a little perspective. Highway mileage sign shown in another photo is...

Vegas to Ehrenbert, AZ

Well, we got Ryan to the airport okay. Was a rather early morning, as we didn't know what to expect with traffic, distance to airport, etc. I opted to take a taxi, rather than drive, again due to my fears of getting lost, etc. Cost a few extra bucks, but was worth it.

And this was my first day alone on the trip. For what it's worth, for those of you who are concerned about me, both my being delayed by a month, as well as Ryan being with me for the first leg, has helped immensely with my being able to cope with my situation. Oh sure, I have my moments, but all in all, I'm doing quite well. I also think the changing landscapes, concentrating on the road and pulling the trailer, and worrying about where I'm going to spend the night, also helps. Those of you who know me, know that I've always been sort of an independent cuss, so don't worry about me - I'm doing fine.

Okay, on with the story:

Today was a windy, cool one. Probably somewhere in the 50's, and 15-25 MPH winds. As this was Sunday, a few of the RV's were heading out, and I opted to do the same. I really didn't want to get stuck here with the prospect of stronger winds coming later in the day. So I battened down the hatches and headed out around 9:30 or so.

The drive was essentially straight south, on 95. A little breezy at times, but very manageable. Landscape was mostly desert, with some mountains in the backround. Even then, the desert has a certain beauty to it, in spite of its' barrenness.

Traffic was stopped 91 miles south of Vegas at a train crossing. I can't imagine the working conditions those men had to endure while building these railroad tracks. However, the stop gave me a couple minutes to get out and snap a few picture.

My stop that night was at Ehrenberg, just across the California line into Arizona, at the Colorado River Oasis. The campground was less than 1/4 full, and a nice site along the Colorado River, with some mountains in the backround.

Took it easy tonight, as was intending to rise and shine for an early, and long, day tomorrow.

On these quick overnight stops, I am able to leave the trailer hooked up, with the slides in. I have access to everything I need, and I only connect the power cord, as I've got water in the tank. This way, it only takes a few minutes and little effort to get rolling in the morning.

Travel Time: 6 1/2 hours; 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Distance: 212 miles

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