Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

Getting ready for our tour

Beautiful small garden on both sides of the door

Church which they hold service in every week


The Windows Are Dedicated and Dated 1887


Home we toured

Loved the Marked Seats with Cushions, Not sitting on the hard boards


Interior Shot of the Library, everything the same as it was in...

Norris Dam

Beautiful stream at the Grist Mill

The Old Mill

Another Picture of the Mill

Old Barn near the Mill

Mouse Trap Collection from the 1800's

Today we headed out to begin touring the Tennesse area of Historic Rugby and Norris Dam. Beautiful drive, I have forgotten how pretty Tennesse is. Historic Rugby is a community in the mountains that is full of Victorian Homes and Reproduction Victorians. The community was started in 1882 to form a Socialist community where everyone would work hard and the money would go back in to community. Rugby suffered many hardships and finally almost totally collasped. A young man in the 1960's had been there many times and decided to find someone that would be interested in saving the ruins, and he succeeded to get it back on tract of being a beautiful little communty (socialist ideas GONE). The homes are privately owned and except the library (which was opened in 1882 and remains exactly the same as it was then) which contains 7,000 original books, amazing to walk thru and see the titles of books that now exist in so few original editions, a house, school, and church which were included in our tour. Then lunch at the Harrow Road Cafe (reproduction house). Food was so good meatloaf and shepherds pie was enjoyed by us. On to Norris Dam, including a drive around the lake, a grist mill, and museum of appalacian antiques (including a mouse trap collection). Home for the evening.

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