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We started in New Mexico, cut across the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma and we now are in Kansas. Not bad for about 230 miles.

It was a pretty uneventful trip. We weren't on interstate hiway today so the trip took a little longer. Lots of flowers along the roads. Along with the ever present yuccas (and I mean acres and acres of them) there was some kind of mound of pinky-white flowers, lots and lots of yellow ones both tall and short, and lots of glardia (also know as Indian Paintbrush - a black centered daisy like flower with red-orange and brown petals).

We saw several very large fields of winter wheat that is starting to ripen and some corn that is about 6 inches high. We passed maybe a half dozen feeder lots full of cattle. Some were sorted by color - all the black Angus in one pen, red Herefords in another pen, but then there would be the mosaic of multi-colored cattle in a pen. One are that made this old dairy farmer sad was a huge pen of beautiful Holsteins.

We will only be here in Liberal one night and then will head for a COE park in the middle of KS. We have never been there so it will be nice to see something new. You know you have traveled the same road too many times when you recognize the pot holes. LOL

We stopped at the Elks here in Liberal to take the bad feelings off the place. This is where we got caught in an ice storm last Oct. 12 and Ron ended up in the ER with 3 compression fractures in his spine. He had slipped on the icy steps of the RV. Today, I'm sure there will be no ice. It is in the high 80's and we have no AC. We only have a 20 amp drop for electric and don't want to risk blowing the fuse.

See you tomorrow.

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