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Mt. Sexton elevation 14975 ft

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Hello family and friends:

We finally have arrived at Coburg Oregon. We had our first meeting on Monday morning at 7:30am. which is 10:30am your time. It went very well. We were allowed to stay on our motor home for that evening but had to pack up and leave on Tuesday morning. We met a very nice couple Jerry and Frances from Alberta and we had lunch and dinner with them on Monday. Tuesday we had the car packed and were on our way to tour Southern Oregon and California. Seems funny driving in a small car. We are travelling along the coast. It is absolutely beautiful. The mountains are breathtaking and the ocean is spectacular. We are staying in a Motel in Brookings-Harbour just on the border of Oregon and California. The weather here is cool. 50' low of 44 this evening. We are expecting rain for the next 5 days. Hopefully the further south we go we will miss the rain. Hope to be in San Francisco tomorrow and stay for about 5 days. We will not pick the motor home up until a week this Friday. Then we will head to the Grand Canyon and then to Mesa Arizona. Hope everyone is doing well. Taya, Piper, Wyatt are very sick and need prayers for healing. Hi babies Nanah misses you. More than you know. Hi Jack man and Lilly Mae hope you guys are much better I know you tooo were sick. Hi Colby and Carter do not know if you are getting the message, but I love you anyway and am thinking about you lots.

Hi Mary and Jim. Just want you to know that we are the first of the new motor homes to come off the Navastar line to come back for warranty repairs. They are treating us with kit gloves. They too are shaking their heads at some of the things that "slipped through the cracks" as they put it. I told them it was just poor management on their part and no quality control. I really do not care much how they took that. Hope all is well with you too. We are driving past some of the sand dunes that you guys travel on when off roading. You guys sure like to live on the edge. Have fun hopefully we will catch up to you in a few weeks.

Hi Mimi and Bob: Just wanted to say hi and let you know we are thinking about you.

Hi Brian and Madeline: Hi to you guys tooo. How is your dad doing Madeline. You could e-mail me you know. I think the last time I saw you, you still had fingers and new how to type. :)

Well will sign off for today, we have not adjusted very well to the time change. It is 9:30pm here 12:30 am your time. Night

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