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Up about 7:15 this morning,I begin the tasks of cleaning up and disconnecting. The sewer line is, well, I hate it. Since the water hose is problematic, I carry tea kettles full of water in to pour down the toilet and then struggle to get the line put away properly. Ugh! In the process, I mess up my newly cleaned floor!

After that, I go for a shower, throwing a load of laundry in at the same time. It is eleven by the time I pull out of the RV park, not believing how long these processes took, and still needing to stop for groceries and gas.

A bit after 12, I leave Palm Springs, driving the 100 or so miles to Blythe uneventfully. Leaving the freeway,I take SR95 & 62 to Parker, Arizona, along the Colorado River.

I've never seen the desert so green. Yellow and purple flowers dot the green hills and it is quite a lovely sight with hills and strangely shaped peaks for background. Recent rains have left their mark. In Parker, there are signs of flooding.

I don't have reservations in Lake Havasu City and hope to get here before dark, but don't. When I see a park and pull in, the sun is setting over the hills and the lake in a brilliant orange. I stop to take a picture. A woman comes out and says they are full.

She suggests either the state park or "on the island" which means crossing the London Bridge—the one that used to be in London. I turn the wrong way and probably spend another 30-45 minutes driving around, finally stopping to call a couple of parks, but get an answering machine: closed at 5pm. No place to stay and I am tired and hungry.

Finally, I find my way to one of the parks on the island. The guard at the gate tells me they are full and I will have to be in "overload", that is, the parking lot. I say okay, but then another man comes along and says they have a spot.

The directions: "It's after the two four-way stops." I can't find a number pattern, can't even see many, so I ask two men walking. They don't know, but they find a map and help me find my spot. Then they back "Rhonda" in for me and take care of all the connections! I could kiss them both!

I best get reservations in Yuma. Meantime, dinner and a chance to settle deepr into my thoughts and what is all about. Oh, and yes there is Spider solitaire. May have to take it off the computer.

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