Winter 2009-2010 travel blog

DGD#1 sans braces. I love her new haircut

In the process of building a new counter in the shed

Counter up before it gets filled.

SKP luncheon - that's Josie our server at the end.

Taken from the other end so we can get everyone in the...

The first picture is of our oldest granddaughter on the day her braces came off. I love her hair - she looks good, don't you think?

Sunday: I made lists. We are headed to Wickenburg in the morning and I want o make sure I have everything written down so I don't forget anything.

Monday: Wickenburg: Doctor - referred us to another Dr. An orthopedic surgeon. There might be something they can do for the pain. Habitat Re-store - picked up a door to make a counter in the shed. Groceries and hardware stores - got groceries and other odds and ends we need.

Tuesday: SKP luncheon. More and more snowbirds are showing up. It has gotten to be a good group. This was my first day of volunteering at the library in Salome. She didn't have much for me to do, so I left early. In the meantime while I was gone, Ron put up the counter in the shed. (I didn't realize how much "stuff" I had on the walls until I looked at the picture - most of it has been taken care of)

Wednesday: Washed clothes, cooked in the crock pot, and Ron pulled weeds in neighbor's lot. Just a whole bunch of catching up. I made country ribs in the crock pot. Put in a layer of red onions and fresh pineapple, smeared the ribs with Jailhouse Mustard (made in NY at the old jail by sister of next door neighbors) and poured BBQ and OJ over the top. Cooked on high for 5 hours. Also cooked brown rice in little crock pot. Everything was yummy.

We got a call late Wed. night that Ron's mom in CA is not doing well. She has had multiple small heart attacks this last year and had one last Saturday. She fell and cut her head and is in the hospital. It sounds like she is starting to fade and we are making plans to travel there today (Thursday). We will leave the RV here and stay either in a motel or in her trailer at Ron's sister's house. It is a 5 hour trip so we can leave by noon and still get there before dark. It isn't the happiest of trips and it is a road I hate - but I want Ron to be with his mother.

I'll be taking the computer along so will update you on Sunday.

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