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Dwane and Dyan

Me and Katrina


Lucy Katrina and Me

Interesting - Keith and Lucy

Attractive argentininan boy on right

Post office at the end of the world

Tierra del Fuego national park


Nikki aand Ian at the NP sign

Me and cat at the Apple Pie place on the border

Me Luce Vicky and Katrina

Glaciar - cant remember name!!


Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

Me on horse!

Katrina and Ian at Moreno glaciar

Moreno glaciar

Moreno glaciar

Well the fancy dress party was great fun! I'll put a selection of photos on at some point.After about 2 hours sleep we got up on Sat 5th March and went in a tour to Tierra del Fuego national park. The ssenery was amazing - snow capped mountains etc. Got my passport stamped with an end of the world stamp at the southern most post office in the world (apparantly!). We did a couple of short walks and my ankle was still painful but is defintely getting better. Got back at 1ish and went for a kip to recover from the previous nights antics!! That evening had nice meal at a seafood restaurant with Branka Ian and Katrina. Bit expensive but you gotta splash out now and again I reckon!!

On Sunday we drove back into Chile and stayed at a little hotel in the border town of San Sebastien. Here we had a chance to upgrade to the hotel rather than camp. However not enough beds so me and Lucy ended up in the economy lodgings which were freezing and there were dead beavers on the wall. Nice!! But fortunately we discovered some nice Rose wine called Carmen and another one called Rita so we got a bit drunk !! It was Helens birthday so we had apple pie at the hotel bar and ended up trying our first Pisco Sours. V V alcoholic national drink of Peru (starting early in preparation !!) Next day we drove to Puerto Natales which is where we were to book up things for the visit to Torres del Paine national park where we would be for the next 3 days. Well, this was a bloody nightmare!! There were lots of different walks to do and everyone decided that they would be doing a night out camping on the mountain. Well, i decided i could definitely not cope with that amount of walking. I just booked up the boat tour that took us into the national park and included a ride in a zodiac and views of the glaciars. That night was in a nice hostel. Went for dinner and ate half a lamb and me and luce had a couple of bottles of Carmen again followed by some Pisco sours with Kev. A great end to a crap day quite frankly!!

We had a 6am start to catch the boat out to the park. It was bloody freezing!! But worth it when we saw the first glaciar. We got off the boat and did an hour walk up to another glaciar and saw all the blue icebergs in the ice field. Wicked! My ankle was not too bad. After this we got waterproofed up (allegedly) for the Zodiac ride round the lakes. Note to self; never trust so called expert guide who tells you to take off your own perfectly good waterproofs and don some michelin-man type gear. The "waterproofs" were crap and all of us on one side of the boat got soaked. Nice in bloody arctic winds - not!! Stopped off for a crap lunch and got back in the boat where we got wetter. We were not happy bunnies at this point !!! However it was a really great day and we had all dried out by the end of it. Kev picked us up and we went to the campsite which was the windiest in the world!! It was our cook group and we did curry. Lots of diff ones. Our cook group always gets the complicated meals!! James the physio on our truck and a look at my foot and tugged it around a bit which hurt but i was reassured it would help!! (it has!) Eventually got to bed and despite my new super warm sleeping bag i neednt have bothered as it was SO windy the noise was horrendous!! Anyway, up early to do brekkie and then everyone except poor old me went off on their travels. I went back to bed!! Managed a couple of hours sleep and then Kev and Vicky cooked up sausages and eggs and bacon for me and Adam the Bukima tour driver. I donned Vickys overalls and got underneath the truck and helped Vicky grease her nipples!!! Yes i know it sounds interesting, eh? Then i cleaned the truck and the windows which took forever!! At about 7 i went for a shower and booked up a horse ride for the next day as i had to see something!! That night, Rosa another Drago driver (Spanish) and her Argentinian boyfriend came over and we had sangria and kebabs! Who needs walking and a night on a goddam mountain I ask you ?!!

Got up at 8 the next day and met the 9 Bukima truck people who i was going riding with. Well, I have to say it was the best horse riding I have done ! The people were proper cowboys and all the farm dogs came out with us. One of them caught a hare on the way ! It was a bit hairy, we went through rivers and endless mud and low flying branches!! The horses were all brilliant - really well cared for and very fearless and the brakes worked which is always a good thing!! Not many of the Bukima lot had ridden before but they were all nutters and we had a bit of a gallop on the home run. It was a bit scary but fun! My back was hurting at one point as I couldnt seem to get the rhythm right but the horse )Madre) was so good it stopped when i asked and didnt just follow the others! Wicked day out !

When I got back to the campsite some of the others had returned early. I am SOOOO glad I didnt do any of the walking. Apparantly it was pretty extreme. Most of them got soaked and their tents nearly blew away. Poor Richard sprained his ankle and had to be guided down by the rangers (see later) and Keith hurt his knee. So glad I was truck maintenance girl for the day !! So much more civilised!

Anyway, next day after another sleepless night, we left for El Calafate, a small town near Los Glacieres national park. Arrived about 2 ish. Richard went for an x ray and came back in plaster! He has snapped the ligaments in his foot so it looks like him and his girlfriend Julia will have to fly home from Santiago rather than heading onto Quito. Its a real shame cos they are lovely and have been on the truck since Venezuala. There are other people I would rather see go home believe me!

We are staying in a lovely hostel here. Me, Luce, Katrina and Ian (little lovebirds by the way ...!!!) are sharing a room. Last night was Ians 27th birthday and the hostel baked him a cake and we had some fizzy stuff. Then went for lovely dinner and we all managed to meet at the Irish bar down the road and get hammered in honour of the birthday boy. Hilarious !

Managed to crawl out of bed this morning at half 6. Our bus picked us up at 8 and we went off to Los Glaciares national park to go see the famous Moreno Glaciar. Our guide was very good. We did about an hours walk to see the glaciar for the first time. This was a bit of an ordeal for me as the terrain was rough and my ankle was hurting but i managed it ! So worth it !! It was amazing ! Did a few more walks to various viewpoints then we got a boat to get nearer to it. Bits of it are constantly falling off so you cant get too close. What a fab day. We got back here about 6 ish and had an ealyy dinner. Just going to finish this, pick up my laundry and pack my bags!! Looking forward to a warm nights sleep, untainted by alcohol!! Off to El Chalten tomorrow for more glaciers. Will try to get piccies on a some point there. Adios for now!

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