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A Christmas Story House

Leg Lamp

Vince "Feeling" the Leg

The Bathroom Where the Lifebuoy Scene Took Place

The Cast

The Cast Reunion

Christmas Morning


Can You See Black Bart and His Buddies Coming Over the Fence?

Toys from Higbee's Department Store

Did You Ever Taste Lifebuoy?

I Need a Pair for Christmas

Daisy Red Rider

We traveled along the Lake Erie shore line on our way to Cleveland, traveling through some pretty nice suburbs on the lake front. We entered Cleveland from the east. The city has a nice skyline and lake front and probably no longer deserves the name the “Mistake on the Lake”.

“A Christmas Story” is a Christmas Day staple around the Kranz house. So it was a natural to visit the house when we passed through Cleveland. The house has an interesting history in that it was in a decent neighborhood when the exterior scenes for the film were shot there in 1983. All the interiors were filmed on a sound stage in Hollywood. Since 1983 the neighborhood went downhill. When the house became available on e-Bay in 2005, there were active drug sales taking place in front of the house and the interior was a shambles. After about $500,000 investment, the house was opened to the public in 2006 and has been a success. The owner, Brian Jones, bought 2 other house in the neighborhood and created a museum and a gift shop. Overnight packages are available in the house for anyone that’s interested. The whole operation appears to be successful and the neighborhood seems to be on its way up again. We wish them good luck. If you want to go on a tour there is a film version on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDCoy4CUEBc

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