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Gette, Laurie, Jeanne, Rosemary, Theresa, Deb at the Juno Beach Pier

beautiful Great Blue Heron at Grassy Waters Preserve

many cypress tree forests here with air ferns, some blooming

looking out over the grassy waters

the grass is more colorful than expected

wood stork

this may be a copperhead!

sandhill cranes strolling by without a care in the world!

there they go - didn't bother me, just walked past

there's a gopher tortoise in there, honest!

This was the weekend that Jeanne and I drove up to visit Gette and Rosemary with the 3 kids - Murphy, Sugar, and Evan. Laurie joined us Saturday evening after she got off of work.

I attended my first ever letterboxing event at Okeeheelee Park! It was also the first South Florida Letterboxer gathering. I am glad there were only a few people because with trading stamp images with everyone, some of whom had multiple stamps, finding event and tabletop stamps, and getting a passing around "cootie" stamps, I was busy for over 2 hours! Gette and Rosemary rode their bikes around, then Gette and Jeanne walked around for a while, waiting for me. I was so busy I didn't have time to eat all the goodies that were there or take pictures! We were all impressed with this park and all the things one can do there that we will be sure to come back.

Gette then took us to a new bar/restuarant called Guana-bana I think, and it was neat to sit under a thatched roof thst was built around a big ficus tree!

On Sunday, the girls went fishing while Rosemary and I rode bikes for a little while. I couldn't keep up to Rosemary with her speed bike - she's training for an upcoming triathlon. But, she would stop and wait for me to catch up once in a while and said she didn't mind a leisurely pace on a Sunday morning. After that, we had lunch and read books on the beach for a bit.

On Monday, we went to a nearby park with a boardwalk trail. It is called Grassy Waters Preserve, and the name fits. I can only wonder how much water flows through the grass in the summer! We saw a few birds, their nests, and even a snake!

I stayed until Wednesday, while Jeanne & Laurie went back so they could go back to work on Tuesday. Gette called in on Tuesday and spent the day with me. We went to Loggerhead Park and walked a couple of trails to find letterboxes (successful venture) in the afternoon, after biking through her development and across the street in another quiet area in the morning.

This was a nice long visit and it was nice to spend time with everyone. Before leaving the area, though, I just had to look for a few letterboxes planted in and near Palm Beach. I couldn't find one but couldn't spend the time guessing if I was in the right place or not. I did go back to Okeheelee Park to find the letterbox planted along one of the nature trails near the Nature Center. Two sandhill cranes were posing for a couple that were coming toward me so they got pictures. The cranes were ready to mosey on along when it was my turn, so off they went, slowly, allowing me to get their pictures coming and going! How neat! While I was stamping in, I looked up and saw half the body of a gopher tortoise, but as soon as I moved, he went back into his home in the ground.

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