2009 Alaska travel blog

Wednesday morning we made the trip to Shipshewana. This is a heavily Amish area and they have flea markets here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week during the summer. It was huge - about 1,100 vendors selling most anything you could think of. We didn't look through but a few and then went to an Amish furniture store. They had some really nice all wood furniture, some of it completely unique; all of it completely high priced!

We then tried to do what they call the "Quilt Tour." This is made up of several small flower gardens all over the area (covering about 625 square miles) but along the main roads between the Amish communities. Each flower garden is supposed to represent a square or so of a quilt. We really had difficulty find them and after finding two or three and not finding about 10 more we gave up and went back into Elkhart to go on the tour of the Four Winds factory. This is where the Mothership was made. It was very informative and we got to see some of the things they have changed on the Hurricanes as well as some of the diesel pushers they are making. They didn't allow pictures so you will not see any!!

Thursday we just sat around the lodge relaxing and waiting for the call to pick up the Mothership. They called about 2:30 and we hurried over to get her. They had done a great job! They had replaced the tail cap, repaired the front left damage from the Washington incident, replaced the windshield, replaced a fog light, repaired a vacuum hose on the A/C and repaired a couple of bad places on the door - we have a new Mothership now!! We had it all done at Charger Enterprises, Inc. in Elkhart and they are wonderful people to work with. They did all that work in a little over three days and a good bit of that was waiting for things to set or dry. If you are ever in this area and needing work done, they are who you need to see.

Tomorrow we head for home with Louisville, KY being the first stop.

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