Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Stain glass window in LaPosa

Overpass in La Mesilla N.M.

Catholic church in La Mesilla N.M.

Christmas Tree in plaza

Organ Mountains

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

We will be missing all of you, especially you kids and grandkids on Wed. night. We may not be together, but it certainly doesn't mean we love you less. Hopefully, you understand, for some day you will.

And, to Ned and Georgia, we will miss the drive to your house listening to Arlo Guthrie sing "Alices Restaurant". Not to mention the wonderful meal and warm hospitality you always give to us.

Now, before I totally lose it, an update of some sort.

On Mon. we drove to Old La Mesilla N.M., it is by Las Cruces. It is an OLD town, but still thriving with many shops and much history. It was on the first stage coach line. It was a favorite of Billy the Kid. We ate where he did many times. (We didn't eat there many times, he did HaHa).

The area is surrounded by the Organ Mts. They are very rugged, and look like they are cut out of paper, and just stood up there. The pictures don't begin to capture the beauty of them.

We went with Newell and Linda Zeller, some good friends we have made. They are from North Dakota. When Sue met Linda, she said to me, "isn't it funny when you just know you are going to click with someone?". We hope we can see them after we leave here.

We will have a dinner on Thurs. with some of the people in the park. Generally, a good size crowd show up. Some prefer to be alone.

It has been an emotional week, with Ryans pending surgery, Jeans cancer treatments, Thanksgiving and thinking of moving on and leaving new friends. But, we are thankful for all that we have, because we truly are blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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