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Dawn on Nahuel Huapí Lake

Llao Llao Peninsula

Mountains behind llao llao

Running stream

We had has enough of Chile and decided to get into Argentina as quickly as possible.Ryan was developing furrows in his forehead from his Gringo stare,and we both needed to eat some real food and Argentina was renowned for its delicious steaks. After crossing the Andes and seeing snow outside our bus,covering the roadside and trees,it was a welcoming change.

Bariloche is a touristy snow town situated high in the Andes, next to a huge beautiful lake and National Park. We arrived in the afternoon and the wind was blowing a gale, coming off the mountains-it was freezing. We found a great hostel with views of the lake and mountains.we felt spoilt,and it felt like it was the first time we could really relax.

After showers and a nap we head out searching for one of those famous steaks.We sat down for one of the best meals we´ve ever had. I don't know if was just because we were undernourished after Chile but believe me it was fantastic!!A couple of juicy steaks,fresh steamed veggies and a bottle of local vino,we were in heaven.The start of our love affair with Argentina.

We spent quite a few days chilling out really enjoying the feeling of being on holidays. Our hostel had a really homely feel with a little kitchen and we got to cook our first meals which was lovely.

One day we went to the Llao Llao National park (pronounced Zhao Zhao)it was a misty morning but one of the only wind free days we had in Bariloche and we headed out for an 8 km walk through the park. It was a beautiful old forest with many huge trees surrounded by mountains with crystal clear lakes. We made it to the end of the walk in time for the bus but after waiting for half an hour we realised after checking the timetable that we were in the wrong place and the bus didn't come back that day so we started walking.......and walking..........and walking.......along the way we had a group of condors circling above us waiting for their next gringo meal.

We walked past a place known as Point Panorama which had a great vista over the lakes and we could see in the distance an approaching storm. We finally made it to the bus shelter on the main road that afternoon and the timing was perfect. The clouds opened and it started to pour.The 30 km walk ended up being one of the best days of our trip and we got to see parts of the Peninsula that most people don't get to see.

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