2008 Going North travel blog

This pair of swans stayed on our side of the canal

He was posing for his picture

U.S.S. Silversides on the other side of the channel was open for...

A path to the top of the sand dune

At first we could barely see the lighthouse for the fog

A blue heron took off when he heard us coming

We watched the Lake Express go by several times

The fog lifted and we could see the lighthouse and channel marker

We stayed at Muskegon State Park in the channel campground right next to the channel between Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon. There is a walkway along the channel from one lake to the other. Across the channel on Lake Michigan is the Muskegon Lighthouse. There are huge dunes and big sand beaches. It is really beautiful here. It is cold to us but the locals are in their bathing suits swimming in the lakes.

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