Sailin' the Sea of Cortez - Spring 2008 travel blog

In terms of the weather, we came home too soon from our winter trip and after three weeks of rain and cold feel ready to head out for sunshine and warmth, until spring really comes to Illinois.

The airlines have raised our stress levels before we have even arrived at the airport. American Airlines, which is supposed to take us to LA, has pulled many planes aside to review safety procedures and every time we turn on the news we see thousands of folks stranded at O'Hare. If we do make it to LA, we are scheduled to take Alaska Airlines to La Paz, which is also undergoing the same schedule disruptions. Hopefully, the extra time we have built into this trip before the sailing adventure begins will suffice. When we booked this trip all our flights were on the same day, but American also altered its flight schedules so we couldn't get to LA early enough to transfer to the flight to La Paz. So now we are flying to LA tomorrow and on to Mexico the next day. At least American had the courtesy to let us know and allow us to give input on the final resolution of this rescheduling problem - something that we hear that many of the folks stranded this weekens did not receive.

We have never taken a bareboat sailing adventure before and don't know quite what to expect. We assume that our cabin is small and are trying not to bring everything but the kitchen sink, as is our usual packing pattern. When you travel in a forty foot motor home, you do bring the kitchen sink and we are spoiled. We have been informed that once we leave the port, it will be difficult, if not impossible to take on more fresh water or food. Since we will be eight people sailing altogether, we wonder how we will be able to ration ourselves accordingly. Perhaps on those last few days, we'll feel as if we are on Survivor. We traveled this part of the Baja by RV in the winter of 2005 (see our first travel blog) and were bowled over by the beautiful scenery. We resolved to return to the area and tour at a slower pace to savor the flora and fauna of the place and are thrilled to have the chance to do so.

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