Happy Trailer's Alaska Journey 2008 travel blog

"Beam me up, Scooter"

Smokey the Bear

Valley of Fire BLM

Our "Happy Trailers" at Valley of Fire

Lynne, Mike, Ric and Desirae

Jane, Desirae and Sharon, the host

Growth even in the lava


The change in scenery in Ruidoso, not far away in the mountains

Dave with the remains of a mule deer, sorry about the missing...

On our way to our next destination we made two stops. The first stop was Roswell, NM. Jane was especially anxious to get to this place because she convinced us that she was expected there (see picture of Jane), but alas, they just weren't ready for her. That's good for us, we get to keep her (at least until we get to area 51). We had alot of fun there until two of us bottomed out getting out of the parking lot. One of us still has to get something fixed, but it's not crucial to the mission.

Our next stop on the way (as we're watching the changing scenery and elevation) was Capitan, NM, the final resting place fo Smokey the Bear. The poor bear, after being rescued from the fire, spent most of his life in the National Zoo in Washington DC. They brought him back home to lay him to rest.

We then arrived at the Valley of Fire BLM in Carrizozo, NM, which is unlike anything we had ever seen. It is in the middle of the lava flow of one of the last active volcanos that flowed lava in the Unite States. It has stark beauty with mountains surrounding it, and it is very windy. The camp hosts, Sharon and Jerry, were terrific with a great sense of humor. We shared a meal and good conversation with them. Sharon made us homemade cinnamon buns the morning we left- umm good!

While there we took a side trip (without RVs) to Ruidoso, NM, in the mountains to check out a BLM site for dry camping at Ft Stanton. We were amazed at the sudden change of geography from no trees to tall pines and patches of snow. We saw mule deer and wild turkeys, but found the long road back closed near the end and were glad we hadn't brought the RVs back on the bumpy road, but enjoyed checking it out.

Lynne & Mike and Dave & Jane had a chance to check out a ghost town in White Oaks, NM. They especilly enjoyed the saloon called NO Scum Allowed.

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