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I guess you have been wondering what happened to me....well we never did end up at the house with the tunnel in it..lots of bats and bat crap so Dr. Al did NOT want to go in there. Mexicans have a thing about BATS apparently. That is why the locals called him in the first place!!lolol

We did however go to the same little town and set up an independent radio station for the people. They were BESIDE themselves!! It was a really cool experience to be there with Al and his wife Yenny. That night, I got home and found out that there had been a MISCOMMUNICATION (that's what I get for traveling during a 3 week RETROGRADE) in my understanding about my room. I think it was a little dementia...(not mine) and the fact that I speak Spanish well but not PERFECTLY! Anyhow, I had to move hotels as my room was booked for a large group that was coming in from the US. I just walked on down the street KNOWING that on a Saturday night..something really Good was on the horizon and voila..I manifested an awesome room in an old Spanish mansion for $20 a night. It was beautiful and all done with a lot of wood. I came home the next night to find that my Tevas, sarong, and anything in the bathroom had been taken and WASHED for me!! Wow!!

The next day I went on an AMAZING TOUR of two small towns called Chamula and San Lorenzo Zinacantan. Both were really interesting, but Chamula was like nothing I had ever seen before! Especially the church, which although LOOKED from the outside, like the Spanish had forced Christianity on it, once you got INSIDE was Very very different! I had spent a day a the Mayan Medical Museum which was filled with all sorts of interesting herbs and concoctions that they use there traditionally. They even had a 12 minute video of childbirth done by Mayan midwife (also a Curandera or "One who SEES Energy" They do a lot of work with different coloured candles and eggs and even chickens to move bad energy/sickness out of the body. The floor in the church was covered in pine needles..no pews...just LOTS and LOTs OF CANDLES and various people sitting on the floor of this huge church in small groups praying and chanting and receiving healing. Huge glass cases of Saints and Mary's, Virgins etc.etc. The energy in this place was AMAZING!!! I could have stayed all day. Pictures are strictly prohibited and my German friend Carina was freaked right out after she took a few pics when she was there on the QT and they saw her do it! They gave her a really rough time apparently and tried to take her camera. She was quite shaken up.

Oh..I forgot! I also met a guy there from NANAIMO!! WOW it sure is a small world eh? As we were getting on the bus for the tour, I noticed a guy standing with a Raven (Native Symbol) on his shirt so I casually said "There is someone from BC?" to which he responded.."Im not, but this guy is" Turns out, it is a guy who used to work at the Granery Restaurant Teenie! Handsome silverhaired type who is now retired and travelling in a truck camper. He said he recognized me and I remembered being at a garage sale up the street on Townsite and he was helping the people out who were holding the sale! AMAZING!!

I had my last supper that night with Myron (the guy with the Raven shirt) and just fell into bed early. I had one morning to do a bit more shopping before the ride to Tuxtla and my flight back to Cancun (via Mexico City).

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