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great landing!

Somebody said that it made no sense to him to deliberately jump out of a perfectly good airplane - and I find it hard to argue with that logic. On the other hand, the people we saw leaving perfectly good planes and flying around the sky attached to modern parachutes seemed to be having as much fun as I've seen in a long time! There were dozens of them, landing on three separate landing sites. Two for "civilians" and one that was reserved for the military. Planes carrying 10 or a dozen jumpers leaving the ground about every 15 minutes!

I never saw anybody around the skydiving school who didn't have a huge grin on his or her face. 'Course the weather was/is just gorgeous. Daytime temperatures in the upper 60's, and nights in the 40's.

The school is a few miles north of Casa Grande, and was recommended to us by the tourist bureau. We drove down Saturday just to have a quick look around, and stayed about three hours. There was a large Canadian Contingent there learning and practicing, and we had a chance to talk to some of them. Man, are they ever enthusiastic! Tried to talk us in to trying it out. Too chicken! Besides the indoor school was closed because the U.S. military was conducting their jump school. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!!

The indoor facility looks pretty high tech. We could hear huge big motors and fans running, and I think what you do is ride the up-blast of air inside the building, and learn how to control your body as you "fall" out of the plane.


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