Fall 2007 travel blog

As we pulled out of Amana, we had a bit of a scare as the clutch in our truck slipped a bit. It sounded like it did just before it went "bang" several years ago in the mountains of CA. We were very conscious of how Ron shifted all day and other than a couple times of smelling something hot - it went well all day. I think we are just over sensitive - but will see as we continue on today.

It was a hot day yesterday - in the high to mid- 80s - so that might be what we smelled. We will see how it goes today.

The campground at Little Sioux is nothing to write home about. Lots of trees, lots of little (20 ft or less) campers parked in among the trees, crooked little roads and "stuff" everywhere. Tents, sheds, decks, bikes, golf carts, boats, and piles of firewood remind me of a house filled with "stuff". Guess I just like the campgrounds like where we were last night. Take a blank level pasture, mark off square roads and campsites far apart and put in good electric and water hook ups. That would give us a clear view of the sky for our satellite dishes, easy in and out without having to worry about hitting a tree, and beautiful views of sunrises and sunsets. And, best of all, you don't have to listen to your neighbor's TV, breath his bonfire smoke or have golf carts running races when you want to sleep.

There was a great plus, however. The camp store is also a café and had a great breakfast buffet. People were very friendly and the food was good so that is a great plus in a campground.

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