Granny's First Trip 2007 travel blog

Can you see our reflections?

Cell phone reception sucked

The keys are right there

Off to Dell Rapids Chevrolet

More then 600 feet down, we left our mark.

Notice the nice shiny new key?!

The following URL is a nice website for the town of Garretson with good pics of Devil's Gulch:

"This is the spot where Jesse James jumped the Split Rock River with his horse to escape from a posse that was pursuing him after the failed attempt to rob the bank in Northfield, Minnesota. Jesse, and his brother, Frank, were the only gang members to escape after this botched robbery attempt."

Granny thought it would be nice to take a short drive over to Devil's Gulch before we hooked up the RV and pulled out this morning.

Jesse James may have made it across Devil's Gulch with his horse, but I couldn't make it across the gulch with the truck keys. The bridge was a metal grate and as I knelt down to get a picture of the water through the grate, the truck keys fell off and slipped through before I could grab them. The bright blue caribeener on the keyring really stood out against the black water below and we could actually watch the keys as they took thier final plunge (think Wile E Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons). I said something like "Oh Sh*t" and Granny said "That was the keys, wasn't it?" as they fell. They made a nice little splash and disappeared. I stood up and with my mouth wide open and eyes bugging out. Granny immediately started laughing. I guess this will go down in the family history book. We left our mark in Devil's Gulch South Dakota for all time.

OnStar does work though, I called them and they opened our doors just fine, too bad Granny did not bring the spare key with us though. OnStar called a tow truck and called the closest Chevy Dealer (Dell Rapids) to tell them that we were on the way. OnStar is well worth the money. The tow was about 25 miles and did not cost me anything. At the dealership, the key codes associated with the truck's VIN number did not work, so the mechanic had to take off the steering wheel and get the codes of the lock cylinder. Everyone was real nice and went to work on the truck right away. At 1pm and almost $400 dollars later, we had two new keys and a new remote fob. We were on the road again.

We decided to leave the RV at Pallisades State Park and head on out to DeSmet to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead and salvage what we could from the day. We will just head out I90 tomorow, stop by the Corn Palace and then make to our site in Custer State Park. So, maybe we can make it to Snake Creek another day.

Less than a week into the trip, who knows what other fun we are going to have in the coming weeks???????

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