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Waikiki Beach ...surfers paradise!

View of Waikiki/Honolulu from Diamond Head crater

Steve with Diamond Head Crater in background

Hanauma Bay ...great for snorkeling!

Lucy ready to hit the corals (literally!!)

Time to do some's not all sunbathing and cocktails you know!!!

Another day, another burger...this time Da Big Kahuna burger!!


Almost a Mustang. A Pontiac G6..BEANS!

The Waikiki Prince...home for 4 days.

We arrived in Honolulu airport a couple of hours later than planned cos of a small delay. Arrived about 7pm, already dark cos sun sets about 6,45pm here. Lucy was disspointed that no one was there to meet her with a fresh flower lau (ring of flowers!)

We ended up getting a taxi to our hotel cos the cheaper shuttle service took forever. Accommodation for the next two nights was the Ocean Tower Hotel on Waikiki Beach,famous for its surf.

On Sunday we hit the beach, despite the clouds that seemed to hang around all week. It is a very humid island...70% making it quite unbearabale at times! We have also had a few drops of rain during our stay! Just like England...although it is always hot here!!

We were surprised at how busy the island of Oahu (pronounced O-wha-who)was, Honolulu is apparently the 12th largest city in the US. Traffic is an absolute nightmare, although the speedlimits are slow, 25 - 60 miles an hour only!

First couple of days we just chilled out, on the beach and in our room. We used this time to work out what we were going to do with the rest of the week. So much on our list... snorkeling, hiking, shark cage, deep sea fishing, pearl harbour...

On Tuesday we hiked up to Diamond Head, half an hour up to the edge of the extinct volcano that last erupted 300,000 years ago. We were waiting at the bus stop in Waikiki for Diamond Head but got approached by a local in a Limo who offered to take a group of us up to the Head for $3 dollars each (1.50 pounds)...bargain and Lucy got her first ever trip in a Limo! Later that day we visited the local aquarium, saw some cool jellyfish,sealions and sharks.

Wednesday we picked up the bargain hire car (14 pounds a day), desperate to see the rest of the island and get away from the hustle and bustle! Our first stop was the beautiful bay of Hanauma, a protected area..known for its marine life. We hired snorkeling gear and spent a couple of hours looking at fantastic coloured fish of all shapes and sizes. FAB!

We toured the rest of the island in a day, stopping off to check out some picture postcard beaches. We were surprised at how green and lush the island was, huge mountains and forested areas inland.

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