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We left Winnipeg fairly early (for us) this morning as the prediction was for a very hot day and hotter weather to follow. We did not have any interest in the TransCanada highway so we took a secondary highway directly east which tied into a road that took us through Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The road through the park was awsome. A narrow, paved track that wound it's way through some beautiful woodland with countless ponds and bare granite protruding along the road. This was a drastic change from the flat farmland near Winnipeg.

We stopped at a village called West Hawk Lake for coffee and a toasted english muffin. We should have gotten worried when the waitress had to look at the menu to see what we were ordering then said we were the first ones that have ever asked for the english muffin, even though it was listed on the menu. about 30 minutes later the "manager?" came by and said our muffins were comming. They had a small grill and could only cook a couple of things at once. After 45 minutes or so there were still no muffins in sight so we decided to leave. I guess they had not heard of a toaster.

At the Manitoba/Ontario border we had no choice but to get onto the transCanada highway as this is the one and only road there is between these two provinces. Fortunately, in our opinion, it is not a freeway but just a two lane highway with gravel shoulders. It also has a few curves and hills which makes things a little more inyteresting.

The scenery was similar to to the mix of wooland, granite and ponds/lakes we road through leaving Manitoba. The traffic was fairly heavy and average speeds were 90 kmh so it was pretty relaxing.

Janine's dad grew up in Kenora and she had spent time there on vacations with her parents. We stopped in Kenora for lunch and took a quick driving tour.

Kenora is on Lake Of The Woods. There were many fairly new lake front cottages as well as many cabins on the islands in the bay around Kenora. Downtown everything was much as Janine had remembered it. It seems the cottage croud do not actually contribute much to the local community.

We left Kenora and continued down the TranCanada to Dryden. The scenery continued to be interesting with many, many beautiful lakes with granite shore lines with-in the black spruce forrest.

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