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We tried to sleep in this morning and made it to 7:00. Got ready and went over to Wall Drug for breakfast. I expect many of you have been to Wall Drug. It is sure strange to be there when there are vary few others. We were able to go through all the stores with out having to wait for someone to move so we could get thru. Purchased nothing but enjoyed the browsing.

Back at the trailer we hitched up and got on the road about 10:00 am. I should mention it is a good thing we did the park last night because this morning you could barely see your hand in front of you face. The fog was really thick. It had lifted significantly by the time we were ready to leave.

I've include a number of pictures Sue took out of the window while we were driving across Wyoming. We stopped for supper in Sheridan, WY at a Country Kitchen. We stopped there to get WIFI access. When we came out the tire monitoring system was going off. It indicated a trailer tire was low. Sure enough it was 40lbs. low. Pulled over to the air station and inflated the tire. Got back on the road and went about 30 miles when it happened again. This time however we were in the middle of nowhere in Montana. I decided to put the spare on. This was a relatively easy job except the spare only had 20lbs of air instead of the required 60. Not to fear, I got out the $5 garage sale 12V air compressor and started inflating the tire. An hour later we finally got it up to 60lbs and got back on the road.

A big thank you goes to Dick Evans. It was his experience on our trip to Colorado this spring which prompted me to purchase the tire monitoring system. I truly believe it saved the tire and likely damage to the trailer. The tire has a nail in it and we'll get it fixed in Billings tomorrow.

We are now camped in Hardin, MO with good WIFI access.

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