2007 Pacific Coast Trip travel blog

We made it to Wisconsin

It was 21 when we woke up. We checked the weather in the morning and it is going to be cold no matter which direction we go so we decided to stick with our original plan and head to Green Bay. Madison, WI was our destination for the night. About two hours after leaving the campground we started having trouble with the truck. Luckily, we were at an exit and pulled into a truck stop in Minonk, IL. After sitting there for a while, we were no longer having the problem so we decided to go on. We found an auto repair shop and had the technician run a diagonistic check. We have a problem with the fuel injectors so we decided to stay in Madison until Monday and take it to the Chevy dealer there.

Most campgrounds in this area are still closed for the winter but we found a KOA. The temperature didn't get above about 34 all day and it was supposed to be in the 20s over night. The good news is, we already found a cheese shop and bought some Wisconsin cheese!

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