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condo heaven

fishing pier

our motel

sky blue pink jellyfish

Christmas and palm trees

As usual the cruise ship staff gave us color coded tags so that our luggage would be easier to find - in a group of 200 suitcases rather than 3,000. That facet of disembarkation went smoothly; customs officials waved us through with hardly a glance. But as soon as we all hit the street, chaos reined. Some people boarded buses for airport transfers, but the rest of us jockeyed for taxis or waited for friends to pick us up. Vehicles stacked up and there were no lines. After about half an hour Ken snagged a cab in the middle of the street and we were on our way to our final stop. As we drove through Ft. Lauderdale we passed million dollar yachts moored in the extensive canal system and '50's vintage motels in serious need of a coat of paint if not more serious renovation.

Winter weather in Florida can be iffy, but by the time we arrived, the sun broke through the cloud cover and the temperatures were warm enough for a final stroll on the beach. We had plenty of company on the beach and the Goodyear blimp hovered overhead while planes dragged banners inviting us to go to bars with two-for-one drink deals. Jelly fish littered the beach. Their vivid blue color might have been good camouflage in the water, but they looked like baggies of ink on the sand.

Unfortunately for Ken the Miami Dolphins game was on at the same time as the Bears game. Luckily, our motel has a robust internet connection and he could sit near the pool and listen to the broadcast from home over the web. It took going into overtime, but the end was a happy one. That goes for this trip, too.!

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