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Sea birds following our ship

View from the porthole in our cabin

Our mini-Christmas tree in the cabin

Today was spent entirely at sea, sailing from Ushuaia to the Falkland Islands, where we expect to arrive tomorrow morning. The day was beautiful - sunny skies, temperatures probably in the 50s range. The ship office we spoke with indicated that this was unseasonably pleasant weather. The Endeavour has an "open bridge" policy, allowing passengers to visit the crew on the bridge at any time during the voyage. This is quite interesting, allowing us to learn about both the navigation of the ship and about the crew members themselves.

When we woke, the ship was rolling fairly gently with the seas. Although the seas are considered quite mild by the standards of the crew, the ship rolled about +/- 15 degrees, which is a lot for us landlubbers. Emmy felt queasy first, and then I did as well. We're both on "the patch" now - anti-seasickness medication.

We spent the day listening to several lectures from the naturalists on the trip, first about the sea birds that were following us and then later about the history and nature of the Falkland Islands. In the evening, the Captain of the ship hosted a cocktail party for the passengers and the ship's officers. We had interesting conversations with the chief engineer of the ship (an old sailor from Sweden) and a young officer originally from Idao on his first trip to "the South."

Our evening briefing indicates that we'll be making several landings on the small islands off of West Falkland Island, including Carcass Island and West Island, though this is always subject to change due to weather. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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