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Flowers At Our Site at Icicle River RV Park

View of Icicle River From Our Spot

Shot of Grounds at Icicle RV Park

Beautiful Mt. Ash Trees with Berries at Icicle Park

Cute Mouse Cracker at the Nut Cracker Museum

Over the Stairs Leading Down from the Museum

Roger Reaches for a Brewski

Hi Gang, we left Kent yesterday morning and headed east on Hwy. 2, like we planned. I love the names of the towns we passed: Startup, Index, Skykomish (emphasis on the KO), Chumstick and Plain. I have tried to find a place that tells how Chumstick got it's name, but it seems to be a mystery.

We are in Leavenworth, Washington. Arrived here to very hot temps yesterday, and after being in the Seattle area, it seemed hotter than it was. We didn't even venture to town until things had cooled down a little.

The RV park is wonderful. Lost of trees, right along side the Icicle River. We have a great view out our motorhome window.

We learned of this park from our friends Alf and Sally and they were right on the money, and it was not expensive like I thought it would be. 2 days including tax were 56.40. We were having to pay almost $50.00 a night at the KOA in Kent.

We ate at the Tumwater Restaurant last night and we thought the food and service was very good. However, we are not experts on German food, so what do we know. We ate in the bar because it was nice and cool there. Lots of food and we brought some home with us, including a wonderful blueberry strudel.

It is cloudy and very windy today, but we talked up town, found a wonderful cheese shop and bought several kinds of cheese...Roger loves blue veined cheese, so he bought two. I bought an Irish Cheddar with Irish beer running through it and a German butter cheese, that is so light and delicate, it melts in your mouth. I think we will have to get more before we leave tomorrow.

We walked all over town today, browsed in the forever Christmas Store, checked beautiful blown glass stores, laughed at some very funny looking people on the streets (no, not to their faces) and came back to the motorhome for a lunch of that wonderful cheese and flat bread type crackers.

We are getting ready to leave for the Nutcracker Museum in a few minutes. I didn't take any pictures because the sky is very gray and none of the pretty colors look right. But here is a web site that shows some of the town.

Tonight, we will eat at the Cafe Mozart, another tip from Alf and Sally.

I'll share the details with you tomorrow.

I wish we were here with Sally and Alf, they really like this place, and I would like to see it through their eyes. Roger and I are a little disappointed. Lots of people milling around, and all we see are little stores trying to sell tourist junk. I know there is more here than we see, so we will come back sometime and try again. We have been told it is beautiful here at Christmas time.

TIP: I have finally figured out how to do this and have spell check. I write it in AOL and then copy and paste after I have done the spell check. LOL

Talk to you again soon. I still have not found a place that can develope my film and put it on CD over night. And to think, they can do that for me in humble Klamath Falls at the Rite Aid drugstore, Wal Mart and even Fred Myers. And I thought I lived where it was sort of backwards. LOL

We are just back from a wonderful dinner at Cafe Mozart. We didn't eat German food tonight though. Roger had a Rib Eye Steak and I had Almond Encrusted Alaskan Halibut. Both were very good dinners. We did have a sample plate of German Salads that were quite good too. After the large dinner, neither of us had any room for the scrumptious sounding desserts on the menu. One of these days we will have to come back and just have coffee and dessert and skip the dinner. The service was very attentive without being hovered over. A place we would go back to again and again I am sure.

We are not sure where we will stop tomorrow night. We will continue on Hwy. 2 for a while, but skip the area around Spokane. We have been there several times. So we will head north either on Hwy. 97 at Wenatchee and follow that to Hwy 20. East, or maybe go to Wilbur and up that way. Either way, we will pick up Hwy. 2 again on the East side of Washington and head across Idaho.



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