Woody Guthrie Center

Woody Guthrie Center

A little about ‘Woody

Woody’s Gibson D-18 guitar

Woody’s Violin which he wood burned

A sampling of the aluminized art and poems of Woody’s

One of the many journals he filled with his poems and music

Woody in New York at the hospital being visited by three children,...

Rebecca studies the handwritten page of the song “This Land is Your...

Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe

We visited the new Golden Driller statue at the fair grounds. He’s...

We have a social time with our hostess

Gathering Place, Americas Best New Thing....

One of the play grounds, adults, too

Workers prepare canoes/kayaks for the day

In the “Wooden Cabinet” room

Rebecca studies the Horse Skelton in the Wooden Cabinet

The companies that makes this facility available to you

The Boat House

another of the many play grounds

Play ground

The waterway leading to Peggy’s Pond.

The Vintage Sewing Center

Rebecca stand under the Treadle archway

Welcome to the Sewing Machine center

Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

They work on donations and entrance fees.

A hippie sewing machine

The blue and green German made machines

Look at the beautiful paint design

Look at the beautiful paint design

Look at the beautiful paint.

WK shows Rebecca how a “Navy” machine worked to sew the duffel...

The Navy machine was once on the USS Batfish

WK explains to Rebecca an item of interest.

There was no way around it, when we left Morrilton, AR we just had to stick to the Interstate 40, the 247 miles were sometimes easy. The rest of the miles were bouncy, rough and jarring.

We arrived at our hosts home in plenty of time to setup and rest and relax before dark. This stop is a Boondockers Welcome hosted stop. We’re on the south west side of Tulsa parked in the large back yard of the host! They are an awesome couple who have an acre of land with a large section in the rear yard heavily graveled, which makes it very comfortable for RV’ers. We’ve not been to Tulsa but, as it turns out there are several interesting thing to see and do. We visited four places, Woody Guthrie Center, Center of the Universe, Gathering Place and the Vintage Sewing Center and Museum.

Downtown is the site for the Woody Guthrie Center, where we learned so much about the man behind the music. Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was born July 14, 1912 in a smaller town (Okemah) not far from Tulsa. After paying our $10 each for admission, we learned Guthrie was married three times and fathered eight children. Perhaps his most famous song is “This Land is Your Land” , he wrote it while in New York. His music reflects the feelings, plight and uplifting the spirits of the common man. With over 3,000 songs written, each one in a log or journal book, here in this building for you to enjoy. The Guthrie Center is filled with his artwork, handwritten pages of his poems, music and some personal letters to his wife. There is also a section dedicated to his son Arlo Guthrie, who was/is still a big star and performs regularly.

When we left the Guthrie, we noted on Trip Advisor that nearby was something called “The Center of the Universe”. We took the short walk and found it easily. It’s located on an arch walk over the railroad tracks.

If you, while standing in the center of the circle speak, your voice resonates and is amplified. Strange and mysterious how, but fun nonetheless. Now, we can say we’ve been to the “Center of the Universe”.

The next day, we went to a new and wonderful feature in Tulsa called, “Gathering Place”. Built and opened last year it is set on over 100 acres next to the Arkansas River, the Gathering Place is one of the top 10 Event places in the country. One kid, said “There is Disneyland then there is Gathering Place”. When we entered the grounds, we constantly said “Whoa”. Unlike other parks, this one is not a water park or filled with rides but it is filled with playgrounds of different types for all ages. Walking paths abound for your health and well being. There’s even a bunch of canoes/kayaks to row. All of this for free!

When we were done enjoying the Gathering Place we noticed near our home was the Vintage Sewing Center and Museum. Admission to this is $10 each. There truly is something for everyone here. It’s a small well laid out museum occupying an old house. The variety of sewing machines on display is staggering, they have big ones, small ones, black ones, blue ones, green ones, colorful ones, old ones and new ones. The owner/manager is W.K. Binger, rhymes with Singer, is a wealth of info on the history of machines! W.K., as he likes to be known, is the restorer, oiler, painter, builder and info manager for everything sewing. If you want to learn more about sewing machines and the industry that evolved from the mid 1860’s to present, this is the place to visit. Plan on about an hour or two for a complete tour.

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