Linda's Tour of Spain 2006 travel blog

Lovely deserted beach in Cangas, Galicia

Self portrait in Cangas

Wild sky in Galicia

Ah grapes, we must be getting to the hot bit of the...

View from the Gargantas de Sil

Water behind a dam Gargantas de Sil

Umm the water did look lovely!

Very high up now -still Gargantas de Sil

Zamora, utterly deserted on a Sunday morning

The modern bit of Zamora

Miles of nothing - Castille y Leon province

... mainly n the North, I hope!!

I've wittered on about lush green moutains, cider (which of course comes from apples) and cheese (which of course comes from cows and therefore from grass). And the reason they have all these things i the North is cos it rains! I never did see an apple orchard, nor huge herds of cows, but the sheer varety of cheeses abd cider must mean there were loads there somewhere.

Maybe I've been quite lucky cos most of the rain has been late afternoon or on days when I had planned to move on rather than sightsee anyway, so my holiday hasn't been spoiled by it. It might also be that Spain has had less rain than normal, cos one of the rservoirs I drove over and around was much smaller than jane showed n the screen - who'd believe Jane I hear you cry! But actually the ridges on the exposed earth proved that there usually is water where she said there was.

While in Galicia (furthest west province in the top corner) I got to see some very weird weather. I had heard that one part of the coast is called the coast of death not just bcause of the rockiness or depth of water but also because mists just roll in and you lose visibility. Well the clouds do the same thing. I've never been anywhere before where the weather can change so easily and quickly, I drove one high road where I couldnt see the valley below for cloud and at a beach, there were wisps of cloud so low I thought they must be smoke at first. It was a gorgeous beach, and UTTERLY deserted, so I had a nice long walk in the sun, though by the time I got back to Ducky I had felt a few drops of ran, even tho there were only small wispy clouds above me - weird.

I have really loved the part of Spain I hav seen so far. Of course there is loads I did not see and in principle I would happily come back - but would I spend 700quid on a ferry fare to be somewhere with dodgy weather if it was my only hliday - not sure!

So if you look at the map you will see that I am now hanging over the edge ready to go down through the main part of Spain. Already the landscape has changed markedly and yesterday I drove through such varird landscapes t was hard to believe. I firstly drove around some mountains and looked down on dams and beatiful glittering water, then through ACRES of vineyards and rolling hills, and finally onto a flat plain which reminded me of home, with golden recetly harvsted fields. I also saw fields of sunflowers - another first for me :-)

Last night I stayed near the town of Zamora and I am sittg there this morning. It is very beautiful and again deserted, at least partly because there was obvioulsy a serious party here last night, so much broken glass and rubbish in one part that had to be careful where I walked. Tho I'd like to join in a lively party, I think that ne would have been scary, especially being alone

Already I have driven over 1,000 miles. This week I'll be making fast progress down the country ready to meet my friend Laura at Seville airport on Thursday. She'calling it the Thelma and Louise trip but I hope she isnt tempted to bring out the toy guns we had at Hayling Island or she'll never get thru the airport! Many thanks for your mesage here and the emails - I am having the time of my life but will be happy to see yu all again when I get back. Talk to you soon xxxx

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