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This report comes from a small island called Phillip Island; we have just had lunch of fish and chips whilst looking out of our window at a gorgeous bay. I was just thinking, some people would travel thousands of miles to look at a view like this.

Our first day as campervaners was hectic. We were very well looked after by the people of Jayco. After registering the van we were shown the workings, given lots of manuals for the many features the van has such as the microwave, shower, air conditioning, oven, T V, in house entertainment system, dash board and Thetford tank, (the cassette toilet), apparently I get the sole responsibility for dealing with the latter, oh shit.

Essentials were bought from the shop such as two class longer chairs and an outdoor table; then we chose power cables and hose pipes and then headed 10 kilometres on a major road to find a large shopping centre to buy the essentials of duvets, bedding, towels, cooking utensils and something to eat for the night. It was dark when we arrived on site and after fixing the power and eating we sorted the bedding and crashed out. Photographs of the carnage were taken the next morning. More photographs will follow of what it looks like now.

The van was the demonstration model used at 'shows'. It is the first to be built of the Euro Model and there are only 3 others on the road. Needless to say we are causing much interest on the sites and giving conducted tours. Two very nice families from Tasmania have given us their addresses and will be upset if we do not call to see them. The help of Edwin and his wife Susanne was invaluable.

Our second day was spent visiting a hardware store to buy the water connections I should have got in the first place and back to the shopping centre for food for the store cupboard and fridge. By the end of our second day we had travelled about 34 miles on two or three lane major roads, taken tours around car parks and housing estates and finally got our 22 ½ foot mini lorry back to the site. I don't think I will every forget those journeys and will always wonder how Sylvia managed to trust me with this beautiful vehicle.

The journey to Phillip Island was broken by our first visit to a winery and watch out for the first edition, (of many), by Sylvia under her title of 'tipples with Sylvia'. A journey to the Nobbies at the end of the island found many Sea Gulls either sitting on nests or with young at various stages of growth. The seals were too far away to see properly and along the bay at 6.50pm we watched, (along with over 200 others. The smallest penguins in the world, 'the little penguins', begin to emerge from the waves, form groups and make their dash up the shore to their burrows. On our way back to the Centre we were able to continue to observe them. To keep matters as natural as possible for the penguins no types of photography were allowed.

We, (well Sylvia), have done our first wash and we are beginning to feel like this is really home, we even swept out the campervan; all this housework.

Our next entry should come from Tasmania and will include more caption entries and messages installed on the guest book.

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