Sunset at Devil's Lake, ND

Singing Oriole

The Mule at Devil's Lake

This is certainly a first! We are staying at an RV park run by the Indians who own the Spirit Lake Casino and presumably, Spirit Lake itself as part of the reservation. It is the largest natural fresh water lake in North Dakota and it makes Lake Itasca look like a pond in comparison. To give you an idea of how large it is, there is a marina here and all of the boats we have seen are sporting 250 HP motors. Big time fishing location and apparently the pike are biting right now. Met a guy who has an Aussie just like Dixie who travels and stays with his family on their "cruiser".

We did not visit the Casino, opting instead to take a walk around the facilities and our site is a paved concrete pad just about 50 yards from the lake itself. The birds here are unbelievable. There are so many yellow warblers that everywhere you look there are flashes of bright yellow flitting from tree to tree. And they are really noisy - singing constantly. Then, I heard what sounded like an oriole and sure enough, there in the tree next to the coach was a beautiful oriole singing his little heart out. I got alot of photos I hope and may add them to this webpage later when I get the chance to edit the photos. Saw an osprey, some kildeer, two cedar waxwings, robins, several black bellied plovers (I think but am not sure), mallards, an unidentified gull and right at dusk, a black crowned night heron flew into the tree right where I was taking a photo of a beautiful sunset.

Every day is a surprise - and most of them beautiful ones.

Heading to Minot, North Dakota tomorrow. Only 125 miles away but I need to get my nails done - priorities, priorities.....

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