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Flags at State Park in Jerome AZ

Picture of Henry looking out of the MH

Tuzigoot ruins near Cottonwood AZ

Additional ruins ...we could see these from our campsite

Wonderful views on the way to Sedona Az

Sedona from Lookout point near Airport Road

Another from the Airport Road ... cool vantage spot

Hiking trail to "Vortex"

Top of mountain where we hiked

Taking advantage of the Disco on 4-wheel Jeep Tour Road

Pigs in Sedona. Artist painted the pigs and sold them for charity...

More Sedona from back roads

Sedona Mountains

More Sedona

Unique view near Oak Creek

Cool Peaks

Red ledge seen from trail

View from car as we drove the Jeep road


Our friends Darcy and Wally

Hill top "J" at Jerome


Arizona is truly an amazing state. After the Grand Canyon we thought nothing would be as exciting or amazing. But then we went to Sedona. Nothing we had seen prepared us for the overwhelming pure beauty of the mountains surrounding Sedona. We spent a day in town walking through touristy shops and "oohing and ahhing" at the mountains of the Red Rock Country, fun. But then we put the Disco to work and followed one of the party Jeeps into the mountains of Oak Creek Canyon and spent a day driving up and down some back roads, more fun. Most of our pictures were taken during this trip within the beautiful red mountains and trails. We had the time of our lives.

Although we are still unclear about what exactly a vortex is, we went to a so-called "vortex site" to find out if we could use the vortex to help realign the energy in our bodies and thereby increase our health and vitality. Maps of Sedona have locations of the various vortices marked so you can go check them out. It's supposed to have something to do with electromagnetic fields or some such. At any rate, maybe we weren't in the proper state of mind because what we felt was tired after the hike up to the site. It was fun anyway.

Painted pigs were everywhere. This was a fund raising project similar to the painted cow promotion held in Houston. Artist designed the pigs and then they were auctioned with the money benefiting local charities. The pink pig in front of the Pink Jeep tours caught our eye.


Dead Horse Ranch State Park has been home for a while. The story goes that a family of settlers looked at several places to buy and the dad asked the children which one they liked best. Their answer was "The one that had the dead horse on it." We've hiked and biked and enjoyed the quiet and the location between Sedona and Jerome and Tuzigoot,the national monument to the Sinagua Indians. Great trails go around two lagoons that are stocked with bass, trout and catfish, and along the Verde River.


This is a charming formerly mining town built on the side of a mountain. The bigwig who owned the copper and gold mines gave his home to the State Park system (after he tried unsuccessfully to sell the 13,000 square foot place for $10,000 in the 1950's!) and it's used as a museum now. A worker from that era earned as much as $3.00 a day to work in the mine. Tough life! Now Jerome is artsy shops and neat bars and restaurants with a gorgeous view of the valley below. Note the "J" on the hill - first put up there by high school kids in the 1930's and we've noticed many of the smaller towns in Arizona have the initial of their city on a hillside.

While we were in the area, Wally and Darcy, whom we had met in Benson, rode their motorcycle over to see us and we all went up to Jerome to catch a sunset. The mountains turn yellow and orange and blue and purple and grey.

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