South Africa - Spring 2006 travel blog


elephant sand bathing

the grass is greener on the other side

elephants on parade

giraffe herd from overlook

close up view

southern hornbill

a matching pair

On our final day at Krueger, the cameras found a chance to catch their breaths. We are asking ourselves - and you are probably wondering as well - just how many photos of a giraffe does one need? We resolved to exercise some restraint unless another cat appeared on the road. Sadly, none did. We did notice that more and more vultures were circling us. Alarming, fierce noises drew our attention to the side of the road where vultures were taking off and landing as if they were at O'Hare. The grass was so tall we could not see the subject of their attention, but a gaggle of about eight adolescent vultures were carrying on, making the most revolting sounds. We had to assume that the topic under discussion was someone's carcass. Perhaps the adults had all had their fill; eventually all that was left in the dinner circle were the kids, cussing and swearing as they nipped at each other. Not the most attractive scene...

In our week here we had only driven in the bottom 40% of this massive park. The farther north we got, the thinner and more scattered the vegetation became. This allowed us to see herds of the same animals we had enjoyed as individuals when we first arrived. We are grateful for the time we had here, but are left wondering what treasures lay just around the bend up the road. As we drove through the Krueger gate and got on the two lane toll way, we were instantly back in civilization. Men were hitch hiking by the side of the road, gorgeous hotels enticed us to stay, restaurants gave off delicious aromas. We had definitely left Noah's Ark.

Tonight we are enjoying our final night in the RV, finishing off all the wine that we never got around to consuming. We can't remember the last time we were so filthy. Red sand streaks obscure our windows and coat the floor. Crud coats our sinks; the dishes have been rinsed but never really scoured, Our sheets haven't been washed in over three weeks and we are savoring our two remaining clean shirts. It feels like the end, but it really is not. We still have two more countries to visit before we return to our own.

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