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23 hours and 45 minutes after leaving Santa Cruz we sat down in Plaza Dorrego for a cold drink. Yes, we did take the slow bus from the airport, which costs much less, took more time, but we immediately sensed the Buenos Aires lifestyle and the great people.

At the plaza, it was only 11 am but it was hot already. OK, it was about 85 degrees and 85 percent humidity, which for you midwesterners is a mild day. However, if you've just spent a month in a climate where 45 degrees is roasting, well, 85 takes some getting used to.

We began the first evening in Buenos Aires (BA) like most tourists, at an overpriced cafe listening to great music and locals trying to sell us everything from incense to personal sketches. Then we realized the locals sat on the edges of the plaza, listening to the same great music and interacting with one another. So we proceeded to a local liquor store, bought a bottle of beer and joined the locals. Julia had a fantastic conversation with Carmen about a variety of subjects and Tomas spoke with Eduardo about cycling. A fantastic evening and some great memories.

We learned several things that first day as well 1) take the longer time option, not the more money option. It is far more enjoyable and you meet some great pèople 2) if you do option 1, brush up on your spanish. Once you get one block off the beaten tourist track, english is no longer an option and 3) the first 24 hours in BA was well worth the time it took to get here.

One item all tourists must do in BA is go to the Recoleta cemetary. Not only is Eva Peron buried there, but every site is a mausoleum, some every multiple stories. One must be rich, famous and have good connections to get in there. So we did that, but then it was right back to where the locals hang out, eat dinner and enjoy life in BA, where there are more experiences than time to describe them all.

Tomorrow we take the scenic 7 hour route to Colonia de Sacramento in Uruguay. You can do it in one hour, but what fun is that! Then we return to Argentina and head west to Mendoza, the wine region. We'll write more from there.

For now, it is late, we cycled in a fabulous nature reserve all day and have a very early start tomorrow. But we are not complaining!!

Wishing you all the best,

Julia and Tomas

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