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Ft Bliss RV Park campsite

Ft Bliss RV Park campsite #2

View of Franklin Mtns to the north

We left Holloman AFB and Alamogordo, NM around noon on Monday, Dec 12 and arrived in El Paso, about 80 miles south, a couple of hours later. The trip through bottom part of NM's Tularosa basin was unexciting. Not long after crossing into Texas, a sign warned us not to venture to far off the road (US 54) to the west since the desolate terrain was part of Ft Bliss' artillery practice area. The Ft Bliss RV Park is among the best (private included) we ever stopped at. I'm writing this update at the park community center which includes wi-fi, a lounge, kitchen, TV, several treadmills, and other exercise equipment. Right next door is a large laundry room. Off to our north and west are the Franklin Mtns. To the southwest, we can see Juarez -- when it's not engulfed in a brown smog apparently created by a large number of refineries along the Rio Grande. Ft Bliss itself is massive. Most of the buildings are old, but the post does have the biggest PX and commissary that we have thus far encountered. Our site is level and comfortable and the park is policed and well maintained. Yesterday evening, we drove by the Sun Bowl, which will host UCLA and Northwestern soon. It looks like a bowl carved into the surrounding mountains. For a city of about 60,000, El Paso seems to have a lot of restaurants and shopping malls. There is also a trolley that will take us across the border to Juarez, where we can shop. So, we should find plenty to do during the 2 weeks we plan to stay here.

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