Our European Trip - 2005 travel blog

Pagani Cars at Villefranche

Hotel La Flore

Cars again

Main Road Outside Hotel

Hotel & Pagani Cars

We were up early to have breakfast and catch the train to Pisa. Breakfast was as good as usual, and the USS Philippine Sea was still at anchor in the bay to say good bye to us. We collected our luggage and checked out. Two Pagani cars were outside, so Christine took pictures of them. The front desk tried to get a taxi for us, but, since the distance was not far, they were unable to get one for us. We debated about taking a bus or taxi to Monaco, but one of the hotel workers offered to take us, so we sat in the lounge and waited till he was ready, and he very generously took us all the way to the station. We got the local train to Monaco and changed to the Intercity to Genoa. Fellow passengers included a couple from Tampa, Florida who were on their way to Venice and a couple from Chicago who were on their way home via Milan. The Tampa couple were far enough north to miss Katrina, and the Chicago couple were trying to find out more information about it.

We alighted at Genoa and found the Italian train service somewhat deficient compared to the French. We had difficulty finding where our train left from. The board sat unchanged till 2:25, and the last train visible was 2:30. They eventually started to change at that point, but not up to 2:52 when our train was leaving. While we waited, we watched people coming and going. It may be just me, but I find it strange to see two nuns in habits sitting eating popsicles while talking on their cell phones!

We had lunch and still cannot figure out how the system works. We ordered food separately and I was given mine, but had to pay extra as I was at a table. Christine ordered hers, and was told it would be delivered to the table, which it was, complete with the bill and eventually the money was collected. How they know who has paid and who has not escaped us.

We eventually decided to try where we thought the train was going to leave from. Our guess proved correct, but, where in France, there was a board showing where the various cars would stop on the platform, here there was none, so we had to wait till the train arrived and rush along the platform to the correct place.

By this time the rain came on and followed us all the way to Pisa where it was still raining. Nan had left Prestwick early this morning and was in Pisa around lunch time, so she met us at the station and we walked to the hotel. We talked for a while and went out for dinner. We lingered over the meal and walked back in the rain and listened to the thunder.

Hopefully tomorrow will be good enough to see the Tower and let us get to Manarola

in decent weather.

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