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When we first met Michelle was planning on running a half marathon. She did not do that, but rather raised the bar and did a full instead.

Half a year after getting into the sport of distance running she finished with 3:42:46, only missing the Boston Qualifying time by 107 seconds. To put this in perspective, the average finish time for american males in a marathon is over 4 hours. Missing the time by that little is a two edged sword, at the time (IE the first few hours) she thought that it did not matter because she does not ever want to run another one of these. However, marathon running is a tricky business and by now (late 2006) she is getting ready for her 5th. As a matter of fact, she might pass me by next spring with a 6th.

Here is another little known fact. When you are done with a very hard effort, you love the person who shows up at the end more than you loved ever before.

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