We saw great views of the Rim from the visitor center balcony

It felt like we were in the Smokey Mountains..


We could see for miles...

Betty & Gloria enjoying the view..

Our next stop was Woods Canyon Lake, no elk this time...

We saw a lot of people on the lake today...



People were also fishing all along the banks of the lake..

Back on the road we stopped at several pull offs..

They have miles of wonderful paths to walk to see more views..

Another wowser view showing roads way down below...

Zoom of the road below...

Jerry being very was a LONG way down...:-)


Betty was brave too..:-)

Jerry checking out another scary view..

We enjoyed out tour of the Rim much, it was beautiful!

Last one!

We visited the Mogollon Rim again today. This is our second visit, we only made it part way last time, today we completed the rest of the tour.

We stopped by the visitors center and it was still closed. We did walk around the back this time for awesome views of the Rim from their balcony. Afterwards, we finished our drive along the dirt road (Highway 300) and stopped at a lot of pull offs for more Rim views.

We also enjoyed walking on some of the paved trails. They have miles of paved paths with benches to rest on and great views. I zoomed on some of the roads way down below to show how high up we were. The further we drove the higher we got until we were 8,000 feet. We saw some snow still on the ground in areas, but we had a beautiful 70 degree day for our drive.

We didn’t see any wildlife today, we were a bit disappointed after seeing so many elk and deer before. Maybe next time. :-) I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from Arizona.

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