The Glowing Embers office, store. A highly rated park and is very...

This place even has a restaurant, The Fire Pit Grill

beatiful flowers all around, such as these very healthy bleeding hearts.

A very "pet friendly" place, this is part of the doggy open...

More of the doggy open area.

And still more of the doggy open area !

When we drove into this park we saw immediately how nice it was and noticed right away how it gets such high Good Sam ratings. Though our stay was only for two nights we're glad we chose this one over the other two Good Sam parks. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

This is a quiet, relaxing stop, though there's alot we could've done most of us decided to just catch our breath and rest. For us, we did wash, updated the BLOG, went grocery shopping, walked the dogs.

Tomorrow we leave here and go to Valley View, B.C. Canada. Another exciting day, but it is the first real day away from big cities, and begins the wilderness trekking. So look for some exciting news here starting the next time we get connected.

Oh, as for the FAME crew, the names are: Fuller's, Dave & Rebecca; Adler's, Ron & Sue; McDougall's, Rod and Christine. there you have it a quick introduction of the unique people making up this trip. To give you an idea of the miles we'll travel on this trip overall, from here (Edmonton) we still have 1900 miles togo till Fairbanks, Alaska! And it's taken more than 2000, miles to get here !

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