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the podcast segment

About three weeks ago a CBS crew of four people spent the day with us here at our campsite filming and interviewing us in preparation for their segment on podcasting. Initially, we wondered if anything would become of it, but after we saw ourselves last Sunday in the promo for this week's Sunday Morning, we knew we would have a part in it, however small. It aired today and it was interesting to see which tiny bits they chose to edit together to tell the story. They did a great job of explaining what podcasts are, a development that those who have discovered them cannot live without. We still do not know for sure why we were selected for the program. David Pogue told us we were the #5 podcast on a list he saw. I googled around a bit and found a list where we were #5, and those ahead of us were podcasts for RV'ing families, a different demographic than the one we normally appeal to. The Sunday Morning program mentioned a podcast called "Never Not Knitting." A catchy title, but when I looked it up no new podcasts had been produced since 2016. I guess longevity is in our favor.

As soon as it was over the text messages and emails began to arrive. It will be fun to see how much this exposure boosts our listenership. An added benefit was hearing from voices of the past including Ken's old college roommate and a student that I counseled in the 1980's.

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