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We had a great day in Lander! Beautiful weather, sweet little town! Caught up on all those little jobs that needed to be done! Replaced our bicycle lock, cleaned the bikes in a car wash and dropped them off for a tune up, had a most delicious breakfast at The Middle Fork Cafe, a little food and supply shopping and Mike got a haircut! It all worked out perfectly! We even found a cell phone laying in the road this morning! It was not broken, just lying there face down, so we picked it up and did a bit of work to try and find its owner! The phone was locked so we couldn't do anything other than research the scant bit of info that was on the screen! We had a Facebook message and and email message. The phone rang and I thought grea the owner must be callingt! But it was Bllue Cross Blue Shield and a recorded message! I sent an email to the address that was showing and was trying to locate the FaceBook account when the phone rang a second time! It was the wife and I could tell by the disgusted sound in her voice that her husband had lost his phone and she would send him right down to get it!! Nice to know it went back to its owner! He was grateful, but he did make the comment, Oh I was hoping it was broken so I could replace it, I hate this phone! I just hope if one of us loses our phone someone works like we did to find us!!

The bikes were getting a good loving going over, felt really good about the Gannet Peak Bicycle shop and the mechanics there. We left them there and had a wonderful breakfast next door then walked down to the local barber, Denny's Barber shop and Mike got a haircut! Denny has his days cut out for him! We were there earlier in the day and there was a wait, we decided to come back after breakfast and when we went back, there were more people waiting! When you are a good barber its worth the wait!

A little food shopping for the isolation on the road ahead then back to get our bikes! The tune up was well worth it, got new chains, cables tightened or replaced, brakes still good and we are ready to go! Free Beer or Ice Cream for the TransAm travelers so Ice Cream seemed to be just the perfect treat at that time of day! If you are going thru Lander on bicycle you want to be sure and stop in the shop! Great place and wonderful work!

Dropped all of our shopping off at the house, had a bit of a rest before heading back into town! Found the local Elks Club and enjoyed a beverage while talking to an interesting couple from New Mexico who has travelled extensively in the US and compared stories and travels! A really nice club and friendly people!

To end the evening we enjoyed a great meal with our host Mike and Dinnine at the Lander Pub and Grill. The best salads,burgers and food in Lander! At least we think so! Mike and Dinnine and their son Archer have been such wonderful hosts, opening their home to total strangers and making us feel like family! We had such a wonderful meal and conversation; kind, talented and generous people like they are make the world such a fabulous positive place and we are just so blessed to cross paths with them and know them!

We found our way home along the river path and across the pedestrian bridge as suggested. Love walking thru the residential streets with the well cared for houses and huge Cottonwood trees that line the streets. It has been a great time in Lander, we really like it here! Mike has even toyed with the idea of finding a job with NOLS here! I think we just added Lander to our "must return" list!

Days like this are the ones we will remember! Thank you!!!

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