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Parade Participants - 'Lady Liberty' a.k.a. Lisa Tyler and 'Betsy Ross' a.k.a....

Parade Participant - 'Uncle Sam' a.k.a. Brian Brandenburg and 'Uncle Sam' Puppet

Parade Participant - 'Betsy Ross' a.k.a. Mary Deen

Parade Participant - Tina Davis

Parade Participants - Mary Lou Hanlon, Marge Schinke and Nedra Duncan

Parade Participants - Linda and Harold Bellows

Parade Participants - Kevin 'Boogie' McClure and Nina Dobyns

Parade Participants - Yvonne and Bruce Horton

Float Judges - Rose Mayfield, Debra Basdeo and Dave Metzger

Brian Brandenburg leading Sing-along

Lisa Tyler Conducting Trivia Quiz

Escapees Clubhouse - Book Exchange Library

Escapees Clubhouse Dining Area

Escapees Clubhouse - Kathy Metzger

Opening 2008 Time Capsule - Rae Spake

Opening 2008 Time Capsule - Laura Martin

Opening 2008 Time Capsule - Bruce Horton Reading Letter

Today there were a lot of activities at Escapees RV Park and CARE in celebration of Independence Day. It had been raining off and on for several hours, so there was some concern about whether the outdoor activities would have to be cancelled or not. However, it all worked out as scheduled.

The first thing this morning we had our parade of golf carts and a hay wagon. They all were decorated and there were three prizes of merchant gift cards for the highest-scoring decorations. I rode on the hay wagon. It was lightly misting but we didn’t have to use our umbrellas. We were disappointed that so few onlookers came out. I guess most of them thought that the parade would be cancelled because of the inclement weather.

After the parade, we gathered in the CARE dining room for a sing-along of patriotic songs with a karaoke machine. “Uncle Sam” – a.k.a. Brian Brandenburg – led us. After the singing, Lisa Tyler had a trivia quiz and we found out that none of us knew the details of our history very well. Of course, as the game name suggests, the questions were about trivial facts.

The rain even held off long enough for the cooks to grill our hotdogs and hamburgers outside. After lunch we gathered at the Escapees Club House to witness the opening of a 2008 time capsule. Three of our CARE residents had been present at the time it was buried, so they had the privilege of removing some of the contents from the capsule first. The items included some photographs, activities schedules, Chamber of Commerce publications, a couple of CDs, Escapees brochures, etc. This was my first visit to the Club House and I was impressed with it.

It has been an altogether nice day.

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