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Phuket Nightmarket


Squid anyone?

Old building

Chinese Buddhist Tempel

Main Altar

Leaf praying

Kuan Yin, goddess of mercy and compassion

Typical Thai

Good stuff, he he

Boat in canal

At some sort of temple festival

Can we go in?

Lucky dragon or ?

Creation of flowers

Very tall pedistal of flowers and leafs, not sure what is means...

Thai man worshipping a Buddha

One of Phuket town's roundabouts by night

Just a funny photos, nothing serious :-)

Entrance to yet another Chinese Buddhist Temple

Can't read Thai, so no name for this one

It's getting dark... Two min. after this shot it started pouring down...

300 meters to ... where exactly?

Patong Beach nightlife. Nothing but very drunk & nasty sex-tourists, prostitutes and...

More Thai humour

Cool colours. "You come friend, special price - only for you my...

Did anyone say low-season?

The Indian Ocean. About 30 degrees c.

I was there

We are getting close now only 100 meters to ... safety...


They obviously want to go back to the ocean. Who said "Free...

Buy egg and peanuts?

One of my more "creative" shots

Wind is picking up, rain is on the way.. I'm going somewhere...

Sunshine at last, but now there's 300 meters again!! Shit!

Big dog

Small dog

Almost empty playground

Notice the Tuc Tuc to the left? They are everywhere, but the...

Thai Boxing - Live no less

Fast moving action. That's why it's so blurry

A bit closer, but still blurry..

Street hawker / hustler


Before you get all worked up about Thailand let me first tell you all about my trip from Penang in Malaysia to the border, then to Hat Yai and then on to Phuket.

It only took me 11,5 hours in a cramped converted Toyota Highace stuffed with 11 people plus the driver...

Not cool.

When I left Penang it was 5 am and when I finally got to Phuket it was 5.30 pm and getting dark, since Thailand is GMT+7 and Malaysia is GMT+8 hours.

I found a nice guesthouse but no rooms available with air condition. Great, so I did not sleep very well if at all.

Next day I tried to recover slightly by treating myself to some nice food (read: not any form of rice) and afterwards found another cheap hotel further away from the center of town.

By the way, Phuket town is not by the water.. So today I've just trotted around taking a few photos and tomorrow I'll go to the beach somewhere and soak up the coral reef.


After I had shot some photos it started to rain as it always does in the afternoon. It's not as precise as in the real monsoon season, so you can't set your watch by it, you just have to be prepared for anything.

That night I met a guy from USA, Leaf's his name, and we hooked up and decided to go to the beach together the next day. And so we did.

Patong beach was our choice. After a mildly disappointment from Phuket Town we thought it would be nice with some sunshine and a warm ocean to soak it all up in.

However, I found Patong Beach to be the most un-Thai place in Thailand I have ever been. The locals never even "wai"* you, at all. And most of them are only there for your dirty money. Some are even willing to do ... you know, anything, to get it. Not nice, not nice at all.

So after a few days trying to convince myself that this was a nice place, I got extremely home-sick and almost chose to dump everything and leave this god-forsaken place asap. Fortunately I didn't. I came back to my senses and made another, better, decision to book a flight out of Phuket to Bangkok. Then from Bangkok I would go straight on to Chiang Mai the next day.

That's what I did, so right now I'm writing to you from the northern part of Thailand. More on that in the next entry :)

Click on.


*"Wai" is a Thai greeting where you have both palms together in front of your nose, and give a slight nod at the same time.

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