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Carpes bake in a very uneven site
It was almost 100° F

Our bears love to bask in the morning sun

Minnesota State 1 is a lovely empty road

Some farm equipment is slightly odd
We have no idea what this gizmo...

We cross the Red River into North Dakota

Welcome to North Dakota

Narrow lane on I 29 construction project
The lane is ten feet wide....

Federal 2 is a beautiful road in North Dakota

We used all our lumber to level the coach

Fri, 14 Aug: A real midwest scorcher... We don't like the heat, Carpe doesn't like the heat, our fridge really doesn't like the heat.

We had a restful nite at the Seven Clans Casino outside Thief River Falls in northwest Minnesota. Once we got ourselves, the coach, and the car all hooked up and squared away we rolled wheels at half past eight. We backtracked to US 59 and took it north thru Thief River Falls to Minnesota Route 1. Route 1 is a lovely two lane highway that runs west not too far south of the Canadian border. It was virtually deserted except for some farm equipment that was worthy of a snap (see pix).

We crossed the Red River into North Dakota and picked up I 29 south toward Grand Forks. A few miles north of town Bob encountered a construction zone with pretty narrow lanes. In fact, the lane was ten feet wide and Carpe Diem is 8½ feet wide. Do that math...18 inches on each side. He took it nice and slow and nobody got hurt.

We topped off the diesel tank at the Grand Forks Pilot/Flying J. Then back on our old friend US 2 westbound. US 2 is a four lane divided highway thru North Dakota and we made excellent time. We broke for lunch at a rest stop near Devil Lake, and then continued to Leeds where we pulled into Jan's RV Park.

Jan's is a Passport America 50% off park. It works on the honor system; pick a spot, get set up, and pay in the drop box. We picked a site with 50 ampere power, but it was quite uneven requiring us to use all of our lumber to get leveled. Sites such as these should be outlawed...

Today's run was 201 miles with an overall fuel economy of eight mpg.

Note: The outside air temperature reached 98°F before it started cooling down. The fridge did OK once we got parked and turned on the new fans. It does NOT like hot weather...

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