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aww - they coupled up!

fish head thrown out above the gull - pelicans ready for it

first little blue heron

yellow-crowned night heron in the shadows of the mangroves

two herons in the sun - same night heron as last pic

barnacles on mangrove roots - osprey in tree

first great blue heron

closeup on osprey

couldn't get close to white pelicans

"I'm looking at you, kid!"

cormorant swims like an anhinga

great blue, little blue, osprey, gulls in one pic!

I like this one!

never saw an osprey wading in the water before!

It's been cold and windy here lately, but quite sunny, so we decided to venture out. Since Marilyn and Lettie wanted to join us and needed to rent kayaks, we decided to go to Matlacha and launch from the county park once again (for a couple of us anyway). I had been there before for a late afternoon kayak trip to see the sunset and then eat NY pizza!

We had layers of clothes on and the life vests also helped keep us warm. After getting through the open areas, we had great fun in the sun watching many species of birds and enjoying each other's company. We saw an osprey aggravate a bald eagle in the sky above us, brown and white pelicans feed and float, great blue and little blue herons, a yellow-crowned night heron, terns, cormorants, anhingas, and gulls. It was a glorious day, indeed!

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