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Carpe awaits service at Freightliner customer parking

Back on Interstate 8 in Yuma

Today there were many Union Pacific trains along I 8

We again filled up in Gila Bend

US 84 connects I 8 and I 10 west of Phoenix

Approaching the big city from the west on I 10

We exited the Interstate in Tolleson

Freightliner of Tolleson

Keeping the big rigs running is big business

Gorgeous sunset seen from Tolleson
Moral: Even at a truck service center there...

Another Tolleson sunset image

Wed, 15 Oct: Heading east...

If we continued any further west we'd be in the "People's Republic of California", not a place we're in the mood to visit right now. So, once our fridge got a clean bill of health we reversed our path and headed right back from where we came, or at least most of it.

Back east on Interstate 8 to Gila Bend, where we again topped our diesel tank at the Shell station. They have very convenient RV islands with good prices, so we usually stop and top whenever we go by.

This time, however, instead of continuing east on I 8 we headed north out of Gila Bend on US 85. US 85 is a metro bypass that allows traffic from Tucson and points east to continue west on I 10 without driving thru metro Phoenix. It connects I 8 at Gila Bend with I 10 at Buckeye. The thirty some mile bypass is a comfortable divided highway with only a few stop lites at the Buckeye (north) end.

At I 10 we headed east toward Phoenix and in bit more than twenty miles we exited in Tolleson and drove the few blocks to the Freightliner dealer/service facility. We departed the SKP KofA park a few minutes before nine and were parked in Tolleson a bit after one. This included our fuel/lunch stop in Gila Bend. Today's run was 180 miles with an economy rating of 7.9 mpg.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Carpe Diem heads into the shop for her annual chassis / engine / generator service. This is a full day service that covers her running gear from bumper to bumper. She's running just fine, so this is strictly preventative maintenance to ensure that she continues to run just fine.

If all goes well we'll be back "home" late in the afternoon and plan to head out first thing Friday. North is the general direction, with Las Vegas as our destination. Vegas is just shy of 300 miles from here, but we'll probably take two or even three days to get there.

And finally, an update on our ongoing purchase of a Thousand Trails membership: Enroute from Yuma to Gila Bend Bob received a phone call from the agent with whom we were working to buy this Thousand Trails membership. We had not heard anything for more than a week and we needed an update, especially as he charged our credit card for the membership. It turns out that the seller decided he really didn't want to sell the membership after all and instead gave it to someone. We were pretty miffed about this turn of events, and so was the agent who invested time and resources into the sale and was now high and dry. "Of course", he assured us, "I'll credit your credit card ASAP"!

Update, Thursday 16 Oct: Great service with a smile (and a smaller than expected bill!)

As scheduled, Carpe was whisked into the Freightliner of Arizona's Tolleson service center at 0700 sharp. Yes, we set the alarm, a retiree "no-no".

We drove to the nearby Black Bear Restaurant for breakfast and then back to Freightliner to while away the morning in their comfy RV lounge. At noon we headed out for lunch at a nearby Taco Bell, and then to Sam's Club and Wal*Mart for some victualing. Then back to Freighliner for more waiting.

Shortly before three Kurt stuck his head in and told us that Carpe was finished and back in her courtesy spot. We settled up the bill, which was less than we'd expected... Always a nice surprise.

We got Carpe leveled, slides out, and got ourselves settled in. We'll spend tonite here and head north in the morning.

P.S. We had a spectacular sunset... See pix!

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