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Maiden Voyage back "home" to Garden Grove

Through the Arizona desert along Interstate 10

Crossed back into California

September 27 is Susan's Birthday at the lodge

The family gathering for Mother's 87th birthday

On Saturday the 14th our rig went back into the service bays for one last time, and we were called into the office to see the manager who was ready to begin the loan documents.

We did not get to use the loan company that had pre-approved us, because they would not process a loan without a copy of the Title. Having been bought by this dealer at an auction in Florida, the title had still not caught up with it yet. We were easily approved by another credit union that would put the loan through today; however they would not process a loan on an LLC (our truck and trailer were “owned” by our Limited Liability Corporation in Montana, guaranteeing less expensive insurance and registration). Things were not going as planned, but we could not sit here in Mesa waiting for the title to catch up.

Then we had to find insurance before we drove off the lot, and again, it was Saturday and our insurance company was not open, so we signed up with a carrier that the dealer suggested. Finally finished, we went to dinner with Bruce & Sue, wishing them luck on their upcoming purchase and packed up to leave.

Sunday was our maiden voyage and Larry slid behind the wheel and off we went to Garden Grove. After a long drive “home”, we were visited by Dave and Robert for the evening and the boys all got silly together.

The next couple weeks were spent with trying to organize the inside and outside storage and looking for tow car. We found a suitable Honda CRV online and it was sitting on a dealer’s lot nearby, so we worked a deal. Since we were registering it in Texas (our domicile) we wanted to take an out-of-state delivery, so Larry had to fly to Las Vegas (and the dealer had to truck it there) to pick it up. That is another long story. Can nothing be simple?

We helped our friend Susan celebrate her birthday at the lodge, and celebrated with family for my mother’s 87th birthday. We visited with RV friends Pat & Bill from Lake Havasu (we keep running across them in our travels, what fun!), and connected with our Alpenlite friends, Jack & Barbara, for dinner.

Since I am coming up on a significant birthday and will now be on Medicare, I started making doctors appointments for the upcoming weeks.

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