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Carpe at White Acres in Bardstown

I 275 east of Cincinnati

Crossing into Kentucky on I 275

South of Cincinnati we opt for I 71

Back in Bardstown

We visited the Jim Beam distillery

Honoring a Jim Beam blender

Along the Bourbon Trail

Visiting Makers Mark

Makers Mark

Heaven Hill distillery

Heaven Hill barrel houses
Thousands of barrels of bourbon age in these buildings

Nelson Cty courthouse in Bardstown

Historic Inn in downtown Bardstown

Tue, 01 Oct: Road day...

Time to leave our snug FMCA campsite and head out. We've thoroughly enjoyed the six days we've been here and not quite ready to roll. But, on the other hand, our house has those round rubber thingies on the bottom so heading out is in order.

We weren't in any particular hurry so we took our time dumping the holding tanks and going thru our checklists. We got Dinkum hooked up and finally got underwa6 about half past nine.

We took local roads to Interstate 275 and headed south toward Kentucky. South of the metro area we transitioned to I 71 to Louisville and then I 64 south. A few miles south of Louisville we exited to Kentucky route 295 east to Bardstown. Thru town to White Acres Campgrounds where we arrived a bit before one and found one of the few almost level sites with a clear shot of the sky. Today's run was an easy 160 miles averaging 8.47 miles per gallon. Overall, a good day's run.

Once we got Carpe set up and lunched, we jumped in the car and headed back along Route 295 to the Jim Beam distillery near Clermont. Jim Beam, as are most of the distillers, is now charging for tours. Call us cheap, or as we prefer it, we're objecting due to principle. Regardless, we opted not to spend $$$s on a blatantly commercial event. Instead, we got our passports stamped and walked around taking pictures.

Back in Bardstown we stopped at Toddy's Liquor, one of the best stocked spirits store we've ever visited. Their Burboun selection is second to none. We walked out with a big "ca-ching" on the credit card and a load of bottles clinking in the trunk. The lady that runs the store was so impressed when we told her we are full-time RVers she "comped" Bob a freee T-shirt.

Back to White Acres we saw a 42 ft Phateon coach with New Jersey plates. Of course we stopped and chatted with the couple who are traveling with their in-laws in a fifth wheeler. They're from south Jersey, but we ended up having Happy Hour with them and next thing we knew it was getting dark. Time flies when you're having fun...

Wed, 02 Oct: We play tourist and got the shirts...

A sleep in day with loads of snogging and waking up on our terms. These lazy mornings are just about the best part of retirement. But then again, we're not too sure we've yet identified any negatives about retirement...

Following a relaxing breakfast we got in the car and drove to the Maker's Mark distillery near Loretto. Maker's Mark is a lovely setting and we've enjoyed taking their tours in the past. But, as stated earlier, they now charge $$$s so we eschewed the tour. We got our passports stamped, took some pix, and headed out.

Next stop was Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown. Samo, samo re. $$$s for the tour so stamp, pix, and vamboose!

OK, our passports are now stamped with each participating distiller's stamp. So, what happens next? The deal is that when you mail a completed passport to the Bourbon Trail folks in Lexington, they'll send a free T-shirt. But, we saw a note on the brochure that if you take a completed passport to the Bardstown Visitor's Bureau you can pick up the shirt on the spot. Since the Visitor's Bureau was on the way back home, we stopped in and, violè, we now have two 2013 shirts! Wow...

Which brings us to the present. We're back home updating this Journal and planning to kick back for the balance of the day. Tomorrow we'll head south toward Gaffney South Carolina. We have an appointment Monday for Carpe's annual chassis service performed at the factory service center. Gaffney is a bit more than 400 miles from here so two easy days should get us there by the weekend.

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