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Just to prove we did the Tree Top Walk

Hanging on for grim death

View from Hill Top lookout

In the shade of the old Tingle Tree

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Caz walks to the Giant Tingle Tree and throws open her arms...

Today was a day of “high” adventure….. Yes we somehow managed to complete the Tree Top Walk which at its zenith is 40 metres above ground. Nether Carol or I are any good with heights and I’m much better with lowts though Carol prefers ground level unless there is a Millers on the second floor….. I imagine for most this is an exhilarating experience and even though my brain could see that the structure was of significant strength, it was however flexible as one would expect I guess but at 40 metres of the ground in high winds it was sure demonstrating its flexibility and my hands got a good workout on the handrails. I should have mentioned at the “Gift Shop” that there are some places where I squashed the handrail and it needs replacing.

The Tingle trees are absolutely majestic though and are among the largest living things on the planet. The hollows in the trunks are caused by fungi and fire and “grow’ with the tree.

On the forest floor there are many species of animal even Quokkas but the Quokkas here are shy and reclusive unlike those on Rotto…

Then after getting directions from the guide we eventually found the “Giant Tingle”, its big; you can get an idea of the scale from the picture of the people in the hollowed out trunk.

Back at Camp the weather has deteriorated and we have had to wash out our undies as the van is buffeted by the gale. Poor Gracie is not enjoying this at all. It’s like some sort of virtual roller coaster ride with the van kicking and bucking in the breeze…

We move on to Albany tomorrow. It’s blowing a gale there too….

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